Evelino® renovation radiator

About the product

This makes renovating easy!
When renovating the bathroom, also consider the radiators. In a new, modern ambience, the old-fashioned DIN radiators look like foreign bodies and ruin the
look like foreign bodies and ruin the harmonious overall picture.

With the EVELINO® renovation bathroom radiator, a clean, replacement of your old radiators is very easy. The costs are reduced to a minimum.

How do you replace old radiators?
The EVELINO® renovation bathroom radiator has the same connection dimensions
as your old panel radiator or steel or cast-iron radiator. You can continue to use the existing connections – there is no need to lay new pipes and damage the tiles.laying new pipes and damaging the tiles is not necessary.

Your bathroom radiator is manufactured individually according to your specifications.
We only need two measurements from you, the hub spacing (NA) and the
distance from the bottom edge of the radiator to the centre of the return (UA).

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